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Related article: Date: Monday, August 15, 2011 22 December 14 -0600 From: Andrew Lorenzetti u003candrewgay41 hotmail. Chapter 27 n With Andy Lake 18 years or more to read this story - broken tears 27 broken tears : com u003e Subject. Stop, if the idea is repugnant to the relationships between same-sex couples sex , and if so, they are, what the hell are you here? ? Thank you, Stephen, are available for treatment and disposal. All usual disclaimers apply. If you will not be reading this, , then it should not, but I know I can not stop. * Sigh * All these characters are fictional, all made by me, thank twisted my fantasy, but erotic. I am the author, so obviously I have the history and copyrights. You can only n be distributed or downloaded for personal pleasure with my approval. E -mail to: andrewgay41 hotmail. com ------------------------- follow me on Twitter: http://twitter. com / # / AndrewLake3 --------------------------------------- - ------------------------ --------- Recap - Well,last chapter was a real hot little sex in it, right? And also, a follow-up, Brandon and Ty are finally together, but Dina tried to get Supports Brandon bright side, because it actually tried to to break Ty and Brandon. -------------------------------------------- - ------------------------- ---- chapter 3 to go, people ! ****** ***************** When it rains - Chapter 27 **************** ***** ** [POV Brandon ] It was a day when Ty and me again, and it was fantastic. that s almost time to go to school again, this time as seniors. I think I can say that 'mn over excited ! I have 18 years, a high level of the sweetest and most impressive 16 -year-old friend. I'm ready for a first date with Ty, with a tight Black with VT- neck shirt that was tight enough around my pectoral muscle breakdown and my ​​arms. I strained my bicep and saw stretched the fabric. Well. Ty is will be all about me when he sees me. God, all that was with Ty at this point more than perfect. Sex isImpressive is the perfect love, and the way he looks at me I feel like I am the center of his World. Well, that was important in this kind of time, because today is the birthday of my s. So we go to a private appointment before meeting our friends in Ben -bar, for example, a hang out. I left my home with a smile pasted on my face, I got into the car of my s and returned home to Ty. As I parked right in front, by instinct, I looked at his window. The tree covered from view, so I moved to at hand, as he was running to get ready. She dried her hair with a towel and runs like a madman. Preteen Videos I went to the door surrounding the doorbell. I waited a few minutes with Ty 's father opened the door and looked at me. SHIT, Mr. Jacobs is actually an intimidating n people. " You are Brandon Lawson? " He said sternly. " Yes, sir. " I said extending my hand for a handshake. He grabbed my hand s very hard, and I turned the handle as hard. " Nice- handshake you got there, my son. Where and Tyler today? " asked to step out the door and let me inside, and went n with slight nervousness. He waved me on the couch and sat down. " Well, I do not I know. It's my birthday, so it's like a sort of surprise. "I said, trying to breathe, to not show any sign of fear. " Huh ?... Congratulations on your birthday, my son. "I said with a smile. " Thank you. "I said, as the awkward silence filled the room. I could n hear the raindrops falling from the faucet in the kitchen sink. " Well, Brandon... You seem a big guy... Tyler from two of these already, , and never outside. What makes you different? "He said, an eyebrow, looked around. " Well, Preteen Videos actually, I really like Tyler... He is like my all, my baby. "I said absently. " Well, this boy had gone through hard SH, things in his life, and I also played a part of it. I ask you to be good and kind to him, ok? "He said,strict. "I will be happy with Mr. Jacobs. " I said honestly, and a smile. " Call me brand... And Brandon, you seem like a nice guy... I like you, but if something that happened, Ty, and it is your fault, you really do not know what \\ \\ s is expected. " he said with a menacing tone in his voice. I gulped and nodded. " Ok, Lord... I'll take care of it. " I said, trying to control the tremor n in my voice. "Brandon, I'm ready. I'm sorry it took so long. It's his birthday. I just take a nap and took so long. " Said Ty below. He carried a dark blue shirt that had a long-sleeved shirt. is very stylish and looked great in it. He had dark brown tight jeans and a brown vest over a shirt. It looked like a model, a very hot, young, blonde model. He wore glasses, which only added to their cuteness. I smiled at the sight of him, and his father smiled proudly to of his son. "You're lucky, Brandon... The child is the image of me, and his mother in a person. "He said, smiling at his son with tears in their eyes. " I know I'm happy, Mark. "I told Ty foot, eyes the two n wierdly. " Did my father give you the "Hurt him and you're dead " talking ", she wondered how I found halfway out. I kissed her forehead and nodded. "Daddy! "The look insulted his father, who raised his hands in the air. " I was just a father. "He said, trying to defend his innocence. " But you are quite complicated as it is. "Ty said, still looking strictly n with his father. " You are both a fashion kill your mother. "Mark said, crossing arms really childish. N " Do not have an appointment with " Oooh Mark, you are sooo funny" ? Tyler mocks that his father was red in the face. " Well... I 'm a cook, and she is coming. " Mark told us down. " Have fun... use condoms. No more brothers today. " Said Ty took my hand and walk out the door and let his father and cough n red of shame. " Shit, you're an evil type. " I told my arms around him when we a my car. I opened the door when he came, and went to my side, and has n as well. " What? He is a father of a child. It's the least he deserves. "Ty said folded arms and pursed lips. " You look beautiful, baby. "He said, saw him again, and licked my lips as my ​​eyes traveled along the legs. " You look hot stud. "He said winking and blushed when his hand brushed my biceps. I leaned over and bit his lips. He likes ' em. " Thank you, dear... So what ? "If I asked to gases. " Well, come to dinner with the parents first, remember? Then I in the day, and then to the party. "He said, with each to do with your fingers. " Shit, I forgot dinner with my parents. " He told me to rub his head. " Well, hurry up. No. I was so nervous about his performance, which is practically all that I by. "Said Ty was thinking about playing with his hands. " Do not worry, honey. You like you... "I said, grabbing his hand inThat is, when I started driving with my other. " But what if your father says, I went twice or what? " I asked, kissing my ​​hand and lower back with it. "I do not blame them. I have spoken to him about it, and what you really want to meet you... How real. " I assured her. " Ok... I'm still nervous. " Said looked out the window. " baby relax. We have a good day, then let's make love like rabbits until we fell asleep. " I said half jokingly. " Hmmm. Perhaps my birthday is not putting out for you! " He said, laughter. I kissed her cheek, and he laughed more. We came to a stop front of my house and I fell to the Ty the door and let him out. that thanked me and Preteen Videos we held hands as we have seen the stone path to our big house. He squeezed my hand tightly around me. " Are you ready? " I asked a step forward. [ Ty POV] n "Well... I do not know, Brandon. " I said, walking with him toward the door. " Relax". Brandon said softly. " Well, we have sTIVE receive a bottle of wine or something. "He told me almost mad n ervously. " baby, " and I grabbed it. He pressed his lips hard against my and I took a long hard passionate kiss. Because was still biting his ass lips opened the door. His father was there and looked, and blushed and slowly walked away. " Off to a good start. " I whispered Brandon, who looked feeling guilty. His father looked like a copy of Brandon, looking thinner and only intelligent, it is that Brandon is not smart. He does not know how to search for is. His father wore a suit and square glasses with her hair nice n hairdo. " Hm.. "Her father cleared his throat a little uncomfortable. Brandon is sooo going to kiss me how to get that. " Sorry, Dad... Well, Dad, this is Tyler Jacobs. "Brandon told his father hand. I gave him mine, and pushed very hard. I s the same thing does not look cowardly. He smiled a little. " You have a good stop for a small child. "He said,She smiles shyly at me. " I am not a child, sir. I have 16 years, 17 in two months. " I said with a small grin. " Haha. Are you sure look like a child... And also, Brandon is a minor boys. Haha. That's funny. " His father Preteen Videos told us Brandon for me. " Well, I've stopped that. " I said smiling evily, her smile Dad became more pronounced. " This is not a bad idea. He has a bit of a nuisance. " Said her father mocking. " Hey, sup know that? Stop synchronization in me. " Defended Brandon. " Brandon, as a person who does not speak of a tramp. " His father said with a frown. "In addition, we are not a band. Stand up Preteen Videos straight. You become a be hump. " I said instinctively. He always bent. " Now I have two parents. " He laughed, as he stood. "Brandon, I just say this for your own good. " His father and I said at the same time. The two looked at each other and laughed. "Sorry, baby... Seriously. " I approached him and kissed him on the cheek. He relaxed n and leaned into my ear. " You do not say AnythIng, when I talk dirty in bed with you, baby. " He grunted n in my ear that I sigh. " Brandon, do not talk about it. " I whispered. " Whispering is not appropriate if, in the presence of others. "His father said. " Sorry, Mr. Lawson. "I said, blushing. " nonsense. Brad called me. "He said, his hand outstretched to me. " Well, Bradley, Brendan and Brandon... They have a daughter named Bailey? "N I asked with a smile. " No, but the name of Brendan, the daughter is going to be that way. "His father said he with a smile, but with a serious tone. " Haha. Sounds like fun. "I said, smiling. It seemed like a good person. " So, come on, you two. Dinner is in a second. "Brad said that the strengthening of the face in the two closed the door behind him, and front of us went to the kitchen. N "Wow! The house is beautiful. "I said, glancing around the classic House. The yellow light was softer than a friendly atmosphere. " Yes, it's the only place that does not match Brandon Hall. "His father said he a wink and a smile for me, and I laughed. "Enough. " Said Brandon. " Gangin 'in me. " He grinned again, and I grabbed her hand and kissed it gently. " Calm down. We have fun, not serious. " I said, as he wrapped his arms around me. " You're the only one who can soothe me with a kiss. " He said, his forehead pressed against my n. When he was near it I could smell his male musk and Cologne. I inhaled the aroma and looked at him, her eyes filled love, passion and wonder. His nose was playing with me, smiled, and we children each. " I love you. " I said with a smile and put my hands on his chest and looked as our noses brushed together. His muscular chest covered in my small hands nice. His hands on her hips, gently kissed me and went to burns on the lips. " I love you too, baby. " He said, clearing his throat of his father. " I do not want to bother you guys, but let's have dinner. " He said with a look o wonder in her eyes, and we Blushd. I was going to Brandon his hands on your hips and your head on my shoulder as we walked. "I love mom's cooking. It's unbelievable. " He said, kissing my ears. "Enough. " I said to chuckle when I hit back and ran ahead of me. "Brandon... Where is Tyler? " I heard a female voice, to make both Brandon and of his estranged father, so he could see me. " Hello, Mrs. Lawson. " I said walking towards her. I kissed her cheek, and she smiled. " You are sooo cute... How old are you, dear ?" I asked a little worried. " 16, 17 in two months. " I said, and relief came over his face. " Of course you look younger... But you are sooo cute. " She said, grabbing my cheek and hugged her. Brandon 's mother look beautiful in reality. that was 5'11 ", very thin, almost no breasts had a very curvy frame, as a model of were pursed lips and high cheekbones was like mine. " You beautiful. "I said smiling. " A sweetheart. "She pinched my cheeks. after allI talk more, we all went to the table. We ate a delicious meal and sang happy birthday to Brandon with Swiss chocolate cake. It was delicious. that line in the room and began playing the UN for a while. " So Tyler... who is your father? Preteen Videos " Ms. Lawson said as she placed two card draw from her husband, who snarled. " I am your husband, wife. " Brad said as he picked up two cards. " Yes, that's why I'm going to punish. " She said and smiled. " Well, his name is Mark Jacobs. " I said, putting a card in the pile. "Mark Jacobs? Good lawyer. Won a case against me. " Brad told us in me with a smile made me know that there was resentment. " Yes, that's him. " I said, Brandon and draw four cards placed in me. " Brandon! " I said, looking with a pout. "Sorry, honey. " He said with a wink. " Well, I'm not giving up. " Do I pull my account and put in the first four n it. I looked at Linda. " Well, eight is a project for me then... Thanks, guys. " He said with a slight frown, wHAT was transformed into an evil smile as she placed a burden on the four stack. " Ooooh,Daddy! " Brandon said with a smirk on his face. " I am sooo making this night. " Brad said as he picked up the 12 cards. We all laughed after his comment. u003e u003e u003e u003e u003e 1 hour later u003e u003e u003e u003e u003e " That was fun. Eventually you should come back. " Brad said, smiling at us as he wrapped his arms around his wife. " Yes, Tyler, I like it here... And we have not heard her sing yet. Brandon. You are amazing," said Linda makes me blush. " I'm fine, not amazing. " I said, rubbing the back of my head. "I bet you are more. Well, guys, have a fun night. " Brad said, We left. As soon as Preteen Videos he closed the door, heard the mother of Brandon, said. "I thought you were not going to make tonight. " that suppressed a giggle, and Brandon shrugged. " Ewwww. " Said a short walk from the car. were there pretty fast in Cafe of Ben, and most people Brandon 's friends, ashockey team, but Li, Jeremy, and Trevor there. Brandon car ride, well, it was easy from each other. "Brandon, Man!" His team reached the high noise and was shocked by the hand. "What are you doing with rare boi ? " Once a man asked me what the sense of uncomfortable. " Shut up, Rob... " Brandon said. " Yes, Rob... Maybe Brandon Cutie brought you here to give us something fun for all n birthday. " Jerry said to me, licked his lips. It's scary as ever. " Mmmm. That sounds good... you want to suck the cock jock, baby? " You asked me how tried to touch me. ", I said DAMN it stop!" Brandon, as he looked at his friends, and to lose everything and groaned. " Shit, man, at least we want to enjoy the strange too. " Said one with a joke. " Hmmm. Why ? The girls who are upset with you? " I told the guy with a smile. "Ty... " Brandon said. " Hey, fag, I'mma the shit outta extract. " He lunged at me, and I n the way. " Fuck you. You startEd 's not my fault it's like a wild animal think with all the fight is set... Fricking gorilla. "I said looking over my shoulder. N The man jumped up behind me, and I looked at Brandon, n doubted if I can help. I gave a look disappointing as I covered my face. " Take your damn hands off me, bitch! "I heard someone say with a loud grunt continued. I opened my eyes, and Trevor stood in front of me. The gorilla man lying on the ground holding his stomach. ' All everyone wants to fight? "Jeremy said he appeared. Basketball " Look, fuck... We break down the head, if you will. "A n told the guys to go on. " Enough, Come on guys. You go and have fun... Let ummm, gay, alone. " Brandon said with a sad tone in his voice. The boys were, and Ben -brown. " Ty, come on. " Trev, said as she leaned toward him to follow Li greeted against Jeremy 's car. When I started racing, I felt Brandon grabs his shoulder. "Ty... sorry. " Brandon said pleadingly, and watery eyes. " He would hit me, Brandon... you saw him, and stayed there. " I said, as pointed out by hand away from me, and growled. "Baby, you have to understand -" " No, Brandon... You have to understand... I know they are not willing to come , but at least can for me... Let's talk later, I have also n or, these days.... "I said with a smile. " Sorry. " He repeated, before entering the cafeteria. I went to by Li and the boys. "What is happening and why you came here with Brandon? " Trev asked curiously. ". Well, we're sort of... Do not tell anyone," he said, looking at the three of them. " What the fuck? It was during this year was about to beat! What kind of friend is that? " Said Trevor sour. " I know, but you have it. 'm Okay now. " I said, hugging him, and rub the hair. "However, Ty, I have to take care of you. You are my friend, and he his is friend. He should know where yourrried for their safety. "He said, as he hugged me tight. ", Trev... "I said, looking at her beautiful face, and he smiled n me. " I know it's a good fighter. He has huge arms, and remember that time is the party ? He has nearly killed me at once. "I said with a smile. " Sorry, I know he will apologize. "I said smiling, as if separated from our embrace. " Haha. Do not worry. "He said that as Li and Jeremy, who became eyes at each other. N " You make me sick. "Said Trevor put his fingers and pretending vomit. " Fuck... Let's go. "Jeremy said he grabbed the hand of Li, both of entered the cafeteria. Mockinlgy Trev took my hand and walked as a child , which is around laughing. n [ Brandon POV] fucking idiot, do not forget... This damn Trevor was groping my Ty of the party. Well, looking at all of them hugged and make the damn googly faces and go together, what the hell, TY ? do shit ! calm, Wn Brandon... Calm the fuck up... That's my fault. After all, served on a silver platter of shit, douche... Shit, what did I do to do ? Why am I here? I have found so afraid of people... Ty is perfect. He is my baby, my soul mate. I should be proud to work with not afraid. " In these two fags look! Just a Kiss. " Said Carl, the man who hit. I immediately looked in that direction, and not to be just a hug. Relief shot through me. "Are you a hug, Carl... Why the hell do shit, " said: sour, and stepped back a little. "Why get so Pissy about a stranger? " He asked with a growl. " What if gay or not, type it? " Mason, The Quiet One, he said. "How gay? " Carl told us that Mason, Mason and coughed alone. " No, but my brother... He's my brother, and he is fine as hell. He s taught me how to pass a ball of shit, and it has not changed gay... I am even and very proud of her, and if I were gay, Ibe proud. "Said Mason Carl look bitter. I looked at Mason and smiled. It was n quiet in general and everyone always speaks for itself. " Yeah, man.. What if he is gay? "Said the other man. Jerry does not seem to care because it is bi. " I would also do very Ty. Have you seen the ass on him? "Said Mason blush. N " Well, you have a point of no... I want to destroy the Preteen Videos asses. "Carl said with a smile in the face. " cut the crap! Do not even think that way, damn dickwads. "I said bitterly. She seemed confused, but when the girls after the closing applause squad entered. Dina came to me and sat beside me. She gave me a smile, and spoke with the girls... I'm glad you understand about Ty and I makes me happy Halfway through our meeting recently, I sang happy birthday and the girls have high - routine. But it was cold, the fact that Ben n began karaoke and, of course, the first thing I asked Ty to sing. I know I Ty loves to hear her sing. heTy s always asked to do so, and also brings more people into the coffee. They should hire you. Ty nodded and went to on stage. " Hey guys... Well, I wrote this song. It's mine, and I wanted to sing someone today for your special day, but it has somehow screwed n \\ \\, and could not see it now, but this song is for him... I I love you. "he said with a sad face, walking on the keyboard and went to against him. He has some adjustments and tried a couple of buttons. Then he began to play , and notes fly across the room very well. It was a soft song but beautiful. " I have always afraid of the rain... Well, it was always a bad omen in my life... Until I met you. " He said as a tear rolled down her cheeks. He breathed and sang. * When it rains - Andrew Lake * gray clouds are thunder, lightning I feel the pain I think the fear when it rains Then came along with her warm and beautiful that laughter poor warms my heart Now, when rains I can not stop smiling now when it rains in the eyes sun for a while now, when it Preteen Videos rains in my heart I feel your love pour inside when it rains When it rains ohhh took my hands under the rain outside the barn, but you, my sun in its n I said firmly vowed never to go you have sworn to be there when it's cold Now, if it rains, I can not stop smiling now when it rains in the eyes sun for a while now, when it rains in my heart I feel your love pour within ohhh when it rains when it rains n I have now found that passage of happiness search loneliness n is no darkness, for you are my light, I remember how to smile ! now, if it rains I can not stop smiling now when it rains in the eyes sun for a while, when it rains in my heart I feel your love pour inside if it rains If it rains ohhh n \\ \\ n Well, if it rains I can not stop smiling, even when I ask only for a some time now I love it.. If it is raining. * When it rains - Andrew Lake *He finished and stood up. Each letter and each word of the song burned in the skin, and Dina saw him with a sort of dark look, I found the is odd. Mason was tears in his eyes, and saw Carl touched. The only n Ty watched in awe as he stood up and put the microphone on a tripod. I do not know why I got up. I do not know why, but I went with him. Just I wanted to know was my baby... I was proud to have him on my hand. I walked slowly towards him, and he looked astonished. The blows from the outside the rain was heard to close the distance and jumped on stage. Preteen Videos " I- I do not hide it... I am proud to work with you. " I said as I moved in him and kissed him, the rain makes beautiful music for us, because n kissed. There was a collective awww packing into a roar of applause turned and applause. I heard the door open and close, but did not see that coming. I kissed her with love and passion, and left. I looked at my Preteen Videos table, and all my friends were impressed with their expensive, and not anger Printed in Denmark. I breathed deeply and smiled Ty. " I love you, baby. " I said. "You see the rain is not only a bad omen?. " I said, and grabbed it with both hands. " I love you too. " He said as our lips met again. I know I must respond to questions and deal with hate, but I can do. With Ty, I can do all. [Trevor POV] fuck my life! I dug into the cafeteria with Jeremy following quickly behind me. " I will do Jer... I'll be damned to go with my father," I said bitterly, and looks around as I ran my hand through his hair. " Trevor, do not have to... " he said sadly. "Dude, you're my best friend s. ", said sadly. " I can not. I could not resist. I tried to date Cale, but not work... It was fucking shit! And yet, when he returned... I n that for a second when Brandon was a shower that could have an opportunity to work with , but no, he is fucking love you. " I was crying in the rain, and Jeremy looked at me sadly. " fuck guy, really... I do not know what to say... "He said. He was the only I knew what I feel for Ty. I fought a lot against them, but that time Ty has asked me to help him, jealous Tom, were the kisses that we shared s real to me, not false. I loved her, and I loved feeling her. sleep thinking about him, and I know it's immature. I know a lot about Ty. I knows what he likes and what he hates. I love that she hugs me and looks a me with blue eyes. Hell, I know I'm in love, and I've never thought of , which would make both my heart shrinks in I n chest, making breathing difficult and I want to scream. " my parents are divorced, the man. My father moved to the States... I'mma go with him. I can not see Ty and Brandon together. I will not be able to to use through them in school... You can not demand that I stay, my friend. "I said, mixed as tears in the rain, and hugged me. " I know that... I know. "He was crying. " always best friends, man.. I'm glad you found Li.. I'm very glaI d Ty hoped I love how she loves you. "I said, looking with a sad smile. " Someone. Li I love how my whole world... You will find it too. "Jeremy said. I looked at the window of the cafe and Ben- my broken heart was the sight of Ty and Brandon kiss. " Bye, Ty. " I whispered to myself. ===================================== ============ =========================== = I bet you did not expect what ? : P the next chapter will be up sooon I hope you enjoyed this story, and as you may have noticed, has Enter a personal meaning I hope you he.. : D Thanks for reading, and I hope you like my story so far if not read my story together in a list, called Aphrodite and the curse is very past, so.. you should look up. is necessary in the first 50 floors. Thanks again, and please e- mail that I andrewgay41 hotmail. com, if as my story. a writer if you call me, love the feedback, and are not too shy ask personally. Please enter the story I comment. Thank you, Stephen, for editing. You are awesome! N HOPE CHAPTER marked. Stick around because things are going to be Steam About the author Well, hello ! I, Andy. I am the author of this story, and I hope it taste so far. In most of the emails that seem to want to know about me, , like my age, hobbies, etc. Now, I have 18 years, I like to write, as you can imagine me, I love poems and songs, and also to express by words. I want to be a doctor, my favorite color is blue, which looooove Ice is my favorite movie Easy A, and my favorite TV show is, friends! : D I love Chandler, and yes, I kind of have a sense of humor, and that sarcastic wit. : D Well, that's me, and if you have more Do not ask me please e -mail n Love, Andy
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